Summer… Oh, how we couldn’t wait for it to get here. With such a cold, snowy, rainy and seemingly endless winter, I think we were all happy to finally get outside and breathe in the warm air.

Well, the mild springtime weather clocked out of work early, and we went straight into the hot muggy weather of summer.

While some of us braved the heat (and Master Celona’s unwillingness to put on the AC until mid July) to participate in some tough training at RMAI, others decided to take their training on the road.

Can you see the sweat puddle?

Magda is a 1st Gup Red Belt at our studio who did just that. She and her mom were kind enough to share some of the photos from their extended road trip across this great country. Now, I completely understand how sitting in the car for hours at a time, day after day is difficult for anyone, let alone a dedicated RMAI warrior. Magda showed that sometimes the best way to stretch after a long stretch (of road) is to get out and throw out a couple of kicks. The added bonus of taking a few pictures in front of some of our National monuments is pretty cool as well.

Just because you go on an extended vacation during the summer months, doesn’t mean your training has to take a vacation as well. The rust you might need to shake off even after one or two weeks away from the Dojang is reason enough to make a little time on the road to run through a few kicks. You can even bust out a few push-ups or sit-ups in your hotel room before heading out each day. I’ve personally been known to even bring my Dobohk with me on vacation, even if just for the chance to train in a new environment.

I firmly believe that training should be constant. There are many forms of training, it doesn’t have to always be in a Dojang with mats, mirrors, or even an instructor barking orders at you. There is a lot to learn from training in different environments. Attempting forms on a beach, with solid stances, and controlled movements. Throwing kicks on uneven ground, such as rocks, or gravel is difficult if not careful.

The world is your Dojang, so don’t just limit your training, and practice to the time you spend at RMAI. Any time you spend training away from the studio, will reflect in your progress and skill. For those who do practice and take part in dedicated training outside of their normal training hours are the most committed students, and their improvements are noticed by all instructors.

So please, take note and follow Magda’s good example. Even if it’s throwing a few techniques, every time you jump out of your car on a road trip, or busting out a cramped version of a form or two in your hotel room… It counts!

You might learn something new about yourself, and your training. Please enjoy the photos provided to us with permission by Magda’s mom. Next time you go on a trip, snap a few of your own, maybe you’ll be featured next!

Continue your training!

Master Celona