Beginner Level Martial Arts Program (ages 7 & up)

Our Basic Program for White Belt to Green Belt is designed for those who wish to gain a basic knowledge and experience some of the benefits of Martial Arts training. Students will gain confidence and build self-esteem through learning the basic movements and techniques.

Students will discover a new side of themselves, as well as learn what it’s like to push through their own expectations while developing concentration skills, self-discipline, respect and self-control.

Younger students will learn all about goal-setting and hard work, while adult students will enjoy getting back into shape and sharing in an activity that promotes unification of Mind, Body, and Spirit.



Martial Arts Program for those committed to achieving Black Belt and beyond.

The Black Belt Club program is designed for Students who are serious about their Martial Arts training. BBC Students are committed to achieving Black Belt.

Black Belt represents a master of basic techniques, the accomplishment of getting a Black Belt can be viewed as the reaching the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one. This type of goal setting mentality can be carried in all other aspects of life.

Our goal is not only for students to wear the Black Belt around their waist, but also around their heart. We want to make Black Belt students from the inside-out! The honor, sincerity, and hard work… the respect, discipline, and leadership of a Black Belt, is something the student can be proud of.

Achieving the rank of Black Belt is a serious and life changing accomplishment. Not only being known as a Black Belt, but taking your place among the brotherhood of Martial Arts Black Belts is something so special, that once a member… is a member for life.



Special Introductory Martial Arts Program for children Ages 3-6.

Our Little Ninja program is geared towards Children Ages 3-6 years old. These tiny warriors need a specialized program with a curriculum that suits their age and developmental needs.

The Little Ninja system consists of Basic Martial Arts techniques as well as lessons in Balance, Control, Focus, Fitness, Teamwork, Respect, and Discipline. The lessons are created in a way that is fun and exciting for the students participating.



RMAI Corporate Workshops, Seminars, & Retreats

It’s no secret that we are all busy. In fact, most of us probably can’t remember a time when we weren’t busy. Even with good time management skills, the stress of the hustle and bustle of your average work week can be quite taxing on the mind and body. Martial Arts is a proven way in which we can combat the stresses of everyday life.

Unfortunately some of us do not have the time to enroll in a martial arts studio.

Revolution Martial Arts Institute is not just a studio which provides top level instruction to all of its current members, but also a valuable resource by which your group or organization can call upon to deliver a dynamic, and memorable learning experience for you and your staff.

We are pleased to inform you about our Corporate Workshops, Seminars, & Retreats. Whether you’re interested in hosting a seminar on your campus, or scheduling a retreat at our location or elsewhere, we offer a variety of different learning and training opportunities with a variety of customizable options to provide your group with the best experience possible.

Some of the topics you might be interested in:

• Basic Introduction to Martial Arts
• General Skills in Self-Protection
• Women’s Self-Defense & Rape Prevention.
• Martial Arts lessons in Leadership for Executives
• Martial Arts Style Goal Setting Strategies for the Work Place
• Team Building Warrior Weekend Retreat

And more…

We understand that every organization has different wants and needs. While some companies are looking for a half-day seminar filled with some fun stress releasing whacks on a punching target, others might opt for a fully integrated weekend seminar that improves the working dynamic of a company forever.

Contact us now, We can help you get started today!



Need to tone up before beach season? Or maybe you’d just like to unwind from a tough day at work, hitting the bags in a fun and safe environment.

We understand that sometimes you just need to get your workout in, but you’d rather not trot away on a treadmill in your average fitness club. Our Cardio Kickboxing program is just the right mix of fun and intensity to help you with your fitness goals. Our simple kick/punch combinations as well as the physical exercises are easy to learn and require no previous experience.

Choose the level of membership you’d like… drop in for a class or a few, or maybe you’d like to commit to something a little more, the choice is yours! Sign up today!



Use martial arts as a vehicle toward your own personal REVOLUTION